Infants may enroll as early as six weeks. Infants are given stimulating toys and activities to experiment with at their own pace. Our teacher’s use various forms of entertainment such as finger puppets, storytelling, and directional songs and games, which serve to acquaint them with the function needed for classroom participation at an older age.

Our infant rooms are warm and homelike to help the children feel comfortable and secure. Caregivers meet infants’ needs consistently, promptly and lovingly in response to each child’s individual schedule. Caregivers encourage infants to use their senses and their rapidly growing physical and cognitive skills to explore their environment.

Our caregivers make sure parents are informed daily about their child’s growth and development. Our infants’ needs are monitored constantly, and all feedings, diaper changes and other activities are recorded for the parents’ review.

CPR and first aid certified caregivers
Open door policy